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Back to School

Wow summer has flown by! Time for the first day of school!

He chose his BTS photo this year.

Today is our 1st day of school! I can’t believe that we are starting our 3rd year of homeschooling! I am excited about 3rd grade; I feel more prepared and so many fun plans for this year! We usually do a slow start and introduce each subject and what he needs to do on his own. I have given him more jobs this year as well.

We started off the morning with some mini doughnuts. I found at our local Walmart Bakery.

Welcome to the 3rd Grade! Here is the classroom ready for a wonderful year of learning adventures!

Although we start early, big sis doesn’t start for a few weeks, so it has been tradition that she has spent the first day of school doing some of the activities with us.

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Writing and Grammar

Our Writing Pick for 3rd Grade is a mix of a few things. Now that we are entering our 3rd year of Homeschooling; I have a little bit better idea what works for him and what doesn’t. Still each year is a learning experience for the both of us.

We will be using HMH Language this year. Along with that base curriculum for Language/Writing, I will be adding. Grammar worksheets for extra practice, Scholastic Grammar, Interactive Language Notebook, Spectum Writing Grade 3, Journal, Monthly Writing Prompts. I also will be using Grammar Tales. Below you will find a complete list and links to all the Grammar and Writing items we will be using for 3rd Grade.

Grammar Picks
Writing Picks

This will be our Grammar and Writing Focus Area.

Grammar and Writing Area

Curriculum: Spectrum Writing Grade 3 , Scholastic Grammar Grade 3, and Language Arts Harcourt Trophies Grade 3

Writing Process Set

Writing Office

Monthly Writing Prompts

Interactive Notebook

Learning With Micah, Moose Academy Private Homeschool, Planning with Momma Moose

Behavior/Awards Planning

Waiting room selfie

His doctor/psychologist appointment went well. We are finally getting more answers and help with his behaviors. We do have more InSite on why and what to look for. She has given him the confirmed diagnosis of Adhd and Autism ASD (high functioning), along with his anxiety, Tourette’s, and mild OCD his neurologist diagnosed him with. I am happy to report that she can see that homeschooling has been great for him. I am so thankful that we have been able to give him this opportunity to learn without the sensory overload of public school.

The one thing that I wanted to make sure I included more of this year is more positive behavior incentives and making sure we talk more about emotions and work out better ways to help make melt downs a little easier and shorter than this past year.

Emotions Level

My plans/planning: I have created this Emotions level for Micah to use for communicating his emotions/feeling for the day and if at any time during the day they change he can let me know. I have also included a calm down kit/basket and calm down area, if he is on sensory overload, and needs a break. I hope this will help with any melt downs and anxiety he may feel. Emotions clip art I found on google and the circle frame I found as well.

Lots of pillows

To help with the behavior part, I will be using this Stop Light. Last year we only have a few moments of extreme behavior. We used a smaller version since 1st, we just updated it a little.


For the fun stuff!! When he shows good work habits, I will put down mini certificates. At the end of the day, he can turn them in for Moose Bucks that can be used in the class store.

I also have Brag Tags to give out for work, behavior and fun throughout the year! I finally found a set for homeschooling and individual kids!


For tall the printables I have posted above that I will be using you can find the links below!

Brag Tags

Almost Their Height

Stop Light
Carson Dellosa Education

Calm Down Poster

PS You’re Teaching

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Picks for 3rd Grade Math

I was all over the place trying to figure out what I really wanted to use for Math this year. We have used Abeka for 1st and 2nd grade. This year I wanted to try finding a curriculum that worked on one skill at a time. So, you guessed it, HMH! Yes, I found Harcourt Math 3rd grade. I also found the workbook free online to print. I did pick up an extra workbook just in case we needed more practice. I also have printed and bought a LOT of posters, manipulatives, and other math extras. I will probably share more of the extra items when I post my plan with me on Sundays.

Math Focus Wall

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Reading and Spelling Choices

After much video research and questioning myself for weeks, I have decided on what Reading and Spelling curriculum I would like to use for third grade in the fall 2022-2023. I believe this will be a good fit for us, it may not be for you, we all have our own ways of teaching.

Harcourt Trophies Reading Grade 3
Spelling Harcourt Trophies

Spelling I have created the Pre-Test and Test Mini books. Each week he will have 15 Spelling words to learn. You do not have to purchase the Spelling book to get the words for Trophies. Inside the Reading Workbooks the last page of each lesson has the same Spelling words, I purchased the Spelling workbook for the extra practice.

Changing Patterns 3-1

Harcourt Trophies Reading grade 3. Book 3-1 is called Changing Patterns. In this textbook you have 15 stories to read, vocabulary words and focus skills.

Book 3-1 Changing patterns also has a corresponding practice book. Each story has around 4 pages, this also includes 15 spelling words. Plus, a test at the end of each story.

Book 3-2 is called On your Mark. It also has 15 different stories , vocabulary words for each story and focus skills. Then you have the corresponding practice book.

On your Mark 3-2 Harcourt Trophies Grade 3

This curriculum is not “new” and finding it can be a little bit of a challenge. I was fortunate to find the textbooks on thriftbooks. I paid around $5-6 each. They are both in really good condition. The practice books can be more of a challenge to find. I did purchase them off Amazon.

This year in reading, I am taking a different approach. He will be doing the vocabulary and reading each story. Along with the workbooks he will also be using a Reading Journal. The reading journal consist of pages I have pulled from different sources. He will write who the author is, name of story and fill out different story elements. This way we can put his reading comprehension into his own words.

He will always have his free reading time and choose books he would like to read, from our mini library or he can pick out books from our local library.

Our Mini Library
Book Reports
Reading and Spelling Focus Area

For fun this year we will be logging his reading books in a fun way. In the past we have just logged the books on a piece of paper. This fall the plan is to do a caterpillar. I found this cute printable on learningenglish Each piece of the body is where he will write a book he has finished. It will be neat to see how much it will grow through the 3rd grade year.

Book Review, Video

Summer Break

Hello, readers! I hope that your summer is going well! I have been enjoying some of summer activities, mostly I have been trying to avoid the humidity and heat! I have never really enjoyed summer; the hot weather and my body never have gotten along.

This summer we have been enjoying our local Library Summer Reading Program. Each week we have had fun activities to attend and the fun of reading new books is always a great bonus!

I am Amelia Earhart

Micah has discovered these great books by Brian Meltzer. They are called the I am series. I think he has checked out about all our Library has. They also have this super cute show on PBS called Xavior Riddle and the Secret Museum and it goes great with his book series. Very Educational and great way to get kids excited about historical events/people.

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Book Club

Each week Micah has been involved with this great little book club. You can find more information about the book club Homeschool Help Desk. They currently have openings on Wednesday. They offer these virtual book clubs for Little Readers 4-7 and Big Kids 6-11.

Each week they will have a new book to read. In this group they have been reading the Magic Tree House series. You read the whole book that week. They send questions for your child to answer about the book. You usually get all information 5-7 days before book club meeting.

When book club day arrives, you get to join other kids and discuss the book they have just finished, for the first half of the meeting. Then during the second half you have the choice to join in on the craft or do some of the printable they have sent or just draw freely. The craft supply list and printable are sent to you via e-mail prior to book club day. They also have plenty of time at the end of the meeting for just fun kid discussions.

This is a really fun social educational group for kids who love to read or even need a little more practice with reading comprehension.